Private sauna, Vervey (CH)

Private sauna, Vevey <strong>(CH) </strong>
Private sauna, Vevey (CH) 

For a beautiful villa on Lake Leman in Switzerland, Alpha Wellness Sensations was invited to create a special wood-inspired sauna and a cooling area.

From the swimming pool of this residence in Vevey, you have a breathtaking view of the beautiful Lake Leman. The sauna overlooks a forest at the side of the house. This forest was the guideline for the layout of the sauna and cooling area. The entire interior, from floor to ceiling and everything in between, is made of wood. Only the back wall in the sauna, completely made of glass, is the exception. The cores of 2 oak trees adorn this. Pure nature and authentic style! The wall above the sauna oven has a decorative wooden aspect. This is set with cross-sections of acacia trees.

Furthermore, cedar wood plays the leading role in these wellness areas; wide brushed profiles for the walls and benches, a frame for the lamps, a floor grid, a table in the shower room, and a door connecting the 2 rooms. This cedar wood radiates warmth and a 'primordial sauna' feeling. A cooling bucket of 5 liters awaits you for refreshment. The LED sauna lamps and a backrest’s LED strip have been delicately incorporated into the design. Bluetooth speakers provide the appropriate musical setting. This is really merging with nature!

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Sauna Steam Room Custom Made Option H2O Experience Shower
Private sauna, Vevey (CH) 
Cooling area
  • 155cm W x 285cm D x 240cm H
  • Interior finish and floor grid in brushed cedar profiles
  • The table in cedar profiles
  • LED sauna lamp in a wooden frame
  • Cooling bucket of 5L
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Custom Made Relax
Cooling area
Chaleur sauna
Private sauna, Vevey (CH) 
Chaleur sauna
  • 245cm W x 325cm D x 225cm H
  • Interior finish in brushed cedar profiles
  • Benches in cedar profiles
  • 2 decorative natural oak peeled trees
  • Decorative logs sections of acacia wood above the oven
  • 2 LED sauna lamps in a wooden frame
  • LED strip of 6mm in the backrest
  • Wooden door in brushed cedar
  • Speaker set with Bluetooth®
  • Sauna oven Alpha Home 16 kW
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Sauna Custom Made Option