Cookie policy

What are cookies?

When surfing to websites, cookies in the form of text files are placed on the hard disk of the visitor’s device. This data can be requested again on a subsequent visit to the same website.


Why are cookies used?

Cookies are needed to use certain technologies. Cookies can be used to recognize you and remember your preferences, and give you a personalized experience that’s in line with your settings. Cookies also make your interactions with our website faster and more secure. Users from certain parts of the European Union must explicitly give their approval for the placement and reading of cookies. This privacy & cookie policy provides information about used cookies and their purpose.


What types of cookies are there?

There are several types of cookies. A distinction can be made between the functionality, origin and retention period of these cookies. Cookies can be divided into three main categories, namely functional and non-functional cookies and additional cookies.


Accept or decline cookies

When you first visit our website, you will be asked whether or not to accept cookies.

Failure to accept cookies may result in the website or parts of it not functioning properly.


Functional cookies:


Cookie Description
wordpress_test_cookie WordPress sets this cookie when you navigate to the login page. The cookie is used to check whether your web browser is set to allow or decline cookies.
wordpress_logged_in_ These cookies keep track if you ar elogged in to our website. 


WordPress uses this cookie to adjust your view of the management interface and possibly also the main site interface.
_icl_current_language Remembers your current language.



Non-functional cookies


Cookie Description
AID These cookies link your activities on other devices that you have previously logged into your Google account. Based on this, the ads that you see on your devices are coordinated and conversion events are measured.
TAID “” “”




Cookie Description
id Are used to show personalized ads based on earlier visits on our website. 
IDE “” “”



Google Analytics

Cookie Description
__utma Analytical cookie that measures the website visit (anonymous.
__utmb Analytical cookie that measures the website visit (anonymous.
__utmc Analytical cookie that measures the website visit (anonymous.
__utmz Analytical cookie that measures the website visit (anonymous.
_ga Analytical cookie that measures the website visit (anonymous.
PREF Used to keep user’s priority, such as chosen language or other adjustments. 
SID’ of ‘HSID’ Protects users’ data from unauthorized access. 
_gid Synchronize with the Google Analytics _gid cookie, which stores a unique, anonymous number on T-Mobile domain per page to recognize the user journey in Google Analytics.
_gat This cookie does not track user information, but limits the number of requests to doubleclick.net.




fr     Cookie intended for advertising based on interests.









SharpSpring Tracking Cookie and Session Identifier Tokens. These cookies are used to track visitors and to submit submissions.
PHPSESSID Session Token for Marketing Website.







Cookies used to track preferences on the SharpSpring Marketing Website. 
















These cookies are usually third-party cookies, but if a user visits his own website of the advertising network, it is technically possible that this is the first party. They will always contain persistent but time-bound cookies. These cookies can be linked to services offered by the third party, but this is not always the case. These cookies contain a unique key that can distinguish the surfing habits or store code of individual users that can be translated into a series of surfing habits or preferences using information stored elsewhere.