Private Wellness, Lille (FR)

Your own wellness that connects to your garden provides an instant Zen feeling. This project in Lille allows you to relax and enjoy the surroundings every day of the year.

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A new infrared barrel with a lounge bench for the ultimate comfort!

We at Alpha Wellness Sensations are proud to present the latest product in our amazing outdoor range. Following the best wellness traditions and quality standards, we present you the new infrared barrel with a Lounge bench! We took our comfortable infrared benches, the perfect combination of selected materials and excellent craftsmanship, and incorporated them into our highly innovative and easy-to-use IR barrel for your maximum comfort.


Chaleur Lounge ELT (Energizing Light Technology)

Chaleur Lounge ELT is the only wellness cabin that combines infrared technology with a therapy based on collagen production, Energizing Light Technology (ELT). Light from different active spectra penetrates deeply into the skin and stimulates the body's own collagen production on the face, neck, and upper trunk. This mix of the two light spectra ensures velvety skin and a radiant complexion.