Private Bio sauna, Hove (BE)

Private Bio Sauna, Hove <strong>(BE)</strong>
Private Bio Sauna, Hove (BE)

In addition to your own swimming pool, a sauna in your pool house is the icing on the cake! For this home in Hove, Alpha Wellness Sensations created an L-shaped sauna that fits perfectly into the pool house and offers a beautiful view of the garden.

The elongated swimming channel is perpendicular to the sleek modern house and extends far into the garden. At the end of this is the pool house, also white and sleek with the same windows as in the house. This was the perfect place for a wellness. Thanks to Alpha Wellness Sensations professionals, a beautiful view of the pool can be enjoyed from the sauna.

This Chaleur Bio sauna in L-shaped was designed to allow efficient placement. The unit of wood and glass fits perfectly over the full width of the pool house. The spacious benches in 2 levels made of ayous wood match perfectly both the exterior and interior finish of the sauna unit. Also, the Intens handle complements this wood. The Intens Quartz Vitae heater has been placed in the corner so that the spine can be pampered and heated extra. The black Bio oven fits nicely with the black frame of windows. A successful combi product that will provide hours of wellness pleasure!

Features in:
Custom Made Option Sauna
Private Bio Sauna, Hove (BE)
Chaleur Bio sauna
  • 230cm W x 230cm D x 220cm H
  • Interior finish in ayous profiles
  • Benches in 2 levels, type “floating” in ayous wood
  • LED strips RGB double behind the backrest
  • Intens Quartz Vitae infrared heater with control unit
  • Salt nebulizer SOL-FOG-PRO
  • Front wall in safety glass, rounded hinges, and Intense handle
  • Sauna oven Alpha Pro Bio 9 kW
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Sauna Bi-O Sauna Custom Made Option
Chaleur Bio sauna