Chaleur sauna, Laren (NL)

Chaleur sauna, Laren<strong> (NL)</strong>
Chaleur sauna, Laren (NL)

In this private project in Laren, Netherlands, we see a beautiful harmony between the garden and the sauna house. Alpha Wellness Sensations knows better than anyone else how to convey the landscape atmosphere into wellness.

For this project we are going to one of the richest municipalities in the Netherlands and one of the oldest built places in the Gooi region. Laren was originally a green or esdorp village, which means that it is a village on the edge of the sandy soils in the Netherlands, with a typical village green — open space — in the center. The farms of the past have been converted into beautiful homes with extensive gardens. This also applies to this project, where Alpha Wellness Sensations was allowed to install a sauna in a garden that was already beautifully landscaped with a swimming pool, spa, terraces and roof. The sauna was placed in a dark wooden outbuilding with a thatched roof. To fully enjoy the garden, glass walls were chosen for the front and side of the sauna - beautiful view in two directions.

Inside the sauna, cedar wood was used for the benches, ceiling, and floor to create a uniform vibe. One rear wall is covered with rough salt stones with indirect lighting, just like the strips in the ceiling and in the noses of the benches. Furthermore, the atmosphere is created with the help of the starry sky. Two infrared heaters are placed on the side wall. The two sauna ovens are concealed in the back wall so that the outside view is clear. In addition to the sauna, there is a changing room in the same style. Here, white oiled ayous wood was used. On the way out, you can have a drink from the minibar in the wall. Ideal!

Features in:
Salt Sauna & Infrared Custom Made Option Sauna Bi-O Sauna & Infrared
Chaleur sauna, Laren (NL)
Chaleur Sauna
  • 260cm W x 288cm D x 225cm H
  • Interior finish in cedar profiles
  • Rear wall in salt stones with indirect lighting
  • Benches type Chaleur made of cedar wood
  • Indirect LED lighting RGB in the ceiling and in the noses of the sofas
  • Starry sky, LED RGB
  • Glass walls and door made of double safety glass
  • 2 full spectrum infrared heaters
  • Speakers, black sauna set with LED hourglass RGB
  • 2 sauna ovens type Alpha backwall 9 kW, with automatic aroma infusion
Features in:
Sauna Custom Made Option Infrared
Chaleur Sauna
Changing room
Chaleur sauna, Laren (NL)
Changing room
  • 120cm W x 288cm D x 225cm H
  • Interior finish in ayous profiles, white oiled
  • Bench type Chaleur in ayous, white oiled
  • 4 white recessed spotlights
  • Minibar fridge built into the wall
Features in:
Custom Made Option Relax