Our Abstracto Sauna was selected by the International Design Awards of the Society of British and International Design (SBID) in 2014 under the Entertainment Space category. The SIBD unites British and International designers and globally represents the interests of manufacturers, experts and education. Every year, it organizes a design competition.

For the Abstracto sauna design, we sought inspiration from abstract expressionist forms. We stepped away from the perfect right angles found in most saunas. The Abstracto has mirror-symmetrical walls. Several flat surfaces flow diagonally inwards and outwards like a harmonious piece of rock from nature. Interior walls made from ‘Makassar Ebano’ veneer wood and benches from solid wood provide a splendid and attractive finish. Top-quality and capacity are provided by two sauna stoves with cubic rocks and an automatic dosing system. LED lighting behind the backrest and the false ceiling make this sauna an artistic gem.