The NY Product Design Awards have been launched to honor the efforts of talented product designers, design teams, and manufacturers around the world, whose designs have enhanced daily lives with their practical and ingenious creations. To get recognition from the NY Product Design Awards means to celebrate excellence in all its facets that are found in the work of design and its designers. A well-thought-out design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing and generally improves everyday life.

Our compact master bathroom with rain shower, sink, and full-spectrum infrared sauna for 2 people wined Gold in Personal Care, Wellness & Beauty Category. The expansive sauna front windows with a 36-inch frameless door and stainless steel hinges complete the luxurious clear cedar interior. The ergonomic bench is equipped with self-adjusting heaters that follow the heart rate in real-time and are covered with leather cushions. The sauna can be controlled via the wall-mounted control unit or smartphone app, including the moisture-resistant wireless speakers hidden under the bench. The light is provided by a heat-resistant RGB LED strip that can be adjusted via Wi-Fi.