Our Chaleur Lounge won the notable Red Dot Design Award in 2017. “The loungers are made of high-quality material and are perfectly attuned to the user’s comfort. Despite the small space, the user can still adopt a relaxed posture”, according to the panel report.

We make them in all desired dimensions, and different types of interior and exterior finish.

The ergonomically integrated infrared heaters in the lounger perfectly follow the contours of the body. Full-spectrum S-curve heaters provide just the right penetrating heat where it is needed. Just sit back and relax. This infrared bench is finished with leather upholstery around the back heaters for more seating comfort. It has under-floor heating, an ingenious sound system with one speaker controlled by a modern control unit, also optionally, we can add leather headrests, foot stool or movable feet support, and heat-resistant reading lamps covered with leather soft.