Alpha Wellness Sensations is VERY proud to introduce the updated version of its Chaleur Sauna model.

One of the notable updates are the benches. The benches have undergone a significant improvement, with the profiles now cut at a precise 30° angle, ensuring no visibility through the bench. In addition, the nose of the bench has been expertly cut and rounded at a 45° angle, giving the entire bench a distinctive shape. The ceiling has an intriguing design, creating the illusion of a suspended ceiling. The door now has luxurious hinges and a handle from our German partner Pauli. The control unit -  the wave.com4 - has been relocated inside the sauna to enhance user-friendliness and overall commodity.

A new option for the inside finish is the “Checkmate” design, available standard in ayous and various other wood types, tailored to the client's preferences. In addition, there is also a new optional outside finish with vertical MDF slats, available in different colors and textures. The Chaleur sauna now has warm LED lighting and various new accessories, including sauna sets, bathrobe hangers, and a holder for telephones, glasses, or other items.

These updates and additions to the Chaleur Sauna have been carefully designed to increase the comfort of the Alpha Wellness Sensation Chaleur Sauna. We are confident that you will love the remarkable transformation achieved with the new Chaleur model.

Take a closer look at the new Chaleur Sauna -