Vous lé Vous, Hasselt (BE)

Vous lé Vous, Hasselt <strong>(BE) </strong>
Vous lé Vous, Hasselt (BE) 

Culinary delight, wellness, nature and peace. These are the main ingredients for a fairytale weekend! At Vous Lé Vous in Hasselt you have come to the right place. This high-end restaurant combines gastronomy, tourism and wellness. Alpha Wellness Sensations were their partner in the installation of an Eclipse sauna in their experience garden.

Vous Lé Vous is located in the beautiful Limburg landscape. The high-end restaurant is running for already 15 years and is well known for the variety of vegetables included in each menu. The customers’ health can improve thanks to the complete wellness concept. You will sleep wonderfully in the boutique hotel!  You can choose between raspberry suite, chocolate suite, nuts suite and vanilla suite.  In the morning, you can have a nice walk or a cycling tour. Naturally strengthened by a delicious breakfast, you can afterwards linger in the experience garden. Have a walk among the vegetables cultivated here, smell the delicious scents of all the herbs or dream away for a moment next to the swimming pond.   
The wellness experience is completed by the Eclipse sauna. The round shape integrates perfectly in the garden and looks naturally thanks to the heather matting. This bespoke sauna has infrared heaters on one side. The heaters provide deep heat to your back and leg muscles. A perfect experience after a physical activity! On the other side of the sauna there are traditional sauna benches so you can fully relax. The back wall features salt stones that ensure a perfect atmosphere for healthy airways. The anteroom is separated by a glazed wall and it serves as practical dress room with useful accessories such as hangers for towels, glasses and aroma holders. The glazed front and the LED lighting behind the backrests give the sauna a romantic touch. Is there a better experience for a weekend away from the rest of the world?

Features in:
Salt Lounge Sauna & Infrared Custom Made Option Outdoor
Vous lé Vous, Hasselt (BE) 
Eclipse sauna
  • 460 cm W x 250 cm D x 230 cm H
  • Inside finish in hemlock profiles 40mm wide
  • Outside finish in EPDM foil covered with heather matting
  • Two tier rounded sauna bench in hemlock slats
  • Ergonomic bench with 4 full-spectrum infrared heaters and 2 leg heaters
  • Back wall in rough salt bricks with indirect LED RGB lighting
  • LED RGB lighting under and above the bench
  • Anteroom with bench and coat hangers
  • Speaker and sauna set
  • Glass partition in single toughened glass, glass front in double toughened glass in an aluminium frame
  • 9 kW sauna oven
Features in:
Sauna Salt Lounge Custom Made Option Outdoor
Eclipse sauna