Trainingscampus, Zeist (NL)

Football training campus, Zeist <strong>(NL)</strong>
Football training campus, Zeist (NL)

Relaxation is also a must for top football players. Especially after an intense workout! Alpha Wellness Sensations was allowed to install a large Eclipse sauna on the most important Dutch training field.

The campus is the place where the national selection must get in shape. And certainly, for the best football players, nothing can be left to chance ... Enter the Alpha Wellness Sensations site to equip with an extensive sauna. Overall, the Eclipse is 5 meters long. On the outside, it is completely finished with heather mats so that it fits perfectly with the green grass mats and the surrounding trees. A glass front wall provides a connection with the outdoors. The road to it is nicely finished with a clinker path and next to the sauna we spot the Jee-O outdoor shower.

The sauna consists of two parts: the first part, a small but handy porch, which provides space for neat storage of towels, bathrobes, and slippers, and the second, the sauna itself, which extends far behind the glass partition wall. The "luxury outdoor" hemlock benches look endless, thanks to the beautiful light through LED strips that change in different colours. The back wall is set with light-coloured quartz stones, which provide a beautiful setting for the design oven. For an ideal heat distribution, under 6 benches were installed another 6 magnesium heaters. Everything for perfect muscle recovery!

Features in:
Sauna Custom Made Option Outdoor
Football training campus, Zeist (NL)
Eclipse Sauna
  • 250cm W x 500cm D x 225cm H
  • Interior finish in hemlock profiles
  • Outside finish in heather matting with EPDM foil
  • Luxury benches in hemlock
  • The back wall in quartz natural stone, type Soft heat
  • RGB LED strips behind the backrests, beneath and underneath the benches
  • Dressing area with bench, storage space, and coat hooks
  • Partition wall in safety glass
  • Glass front wall in an aluminium frame with double safety glass
  • 6 magnesium heaters 500 watts under the benches
  • Oven 9kW
Features in:
Infrared Custom Made Option Outdoor Sauna
Eclipse Sauna