Residential Wellness, Chaumont (BE)

Residential Wellness, Chaumont <strong>(BE)</strong>
Residential Wellness, Chaumont (BE)

A house in the forest area of Chaumont was expanded with a sauna and steam bath. Alpha Wellness Sensations was responsible for the design and implementation. The whole became an atmospheric, contemporary wellness with special effects.

The sauna is unique in design. With the round window that was additionally provided in the sidewall, surrounded by solid cedar wood, you get a submarine-like atmosphere. The ceiling, sidewalls, benches, and floor were all lined together with narrow cedar profiles. For a cozy tunnel effect! The special effect of the profiles is fully emphasized by the illuminated salt stones of the back wall. The Solfog salt evaporator increases the beneficial effects of the salt in the sauna. The aroma pump allows the spread of three different scents, which can be controlled directly from the sauna. The front wall is completely made of glass and overlooks the pool, which is "hidden in a cave".

The steam bath is in turn covered from top to bottom in mosaic tiles, Zen Oak Ezarri type that provides an oriental accent in a neutral dark shade. Beneath and above the benches, indirect LED strips beautifully illuminate the silhouette. LED spots have been incorporated into the curved ceiling. Here too, an aroma pump provides pleasant scents. The cooling hose on the back wall provides the necessary cooling and humidification when necessary. The Alpha Luxury door consists of frosted glass surrounded by a black aluminum frame. There is no lack of style for this wellness.

Features in:
Sauna Steam Room Salt Custom Made Option
Residential Wellness, Chaumont (BE)
Chaleur sauna
  • 245cm W x 280cm D x 220cm H
  • Interior finish in cedar profiles, 20 x 28 mm
  • Floating benches in cedar profiles 20 x 28 mm
  • The back wall in rough salt stones with indirect lighting
  • Round window finished in solid cedar
  • Front wall in safety glass with black handle & hinges
  • LED starry sky
  • Solfog salt evaporator and aroma pump
  • Sauna oven Alpha Backwall 12Kw
Features in:
Sauna Custom Made Option
Chaleur sauna
Chaleur steam room
Residential Wellness, Chaumont (BE)
Chaleur steam room
  • 265cm W x 280cm D x 220cm H
  • Walls, roof, and benches in EPS, finished with mosaic tiles type “Zen Oak Ezarri”
  • RGB LED spots in the ceiling, LED strips beneath the benches and above the backrest
  • Cooling hose
  • Alpha luxury door in aluminum frame, 75x205cm
  • Steam generator 12 kW with aroma pump
Features in:
Steam Room Custom Made Option