Privé wellness, Belsele (BE)

Residential wellness, Belsele <strong>(BE)</strong>
Residential wellness, Belsele (BE)

This design by the architect Koen Thomas (Ante Architecten) has been perfectly completed by Alpha Wellness Sensations. The result is an architectural gem that fits perfectly in the property and invites you to many hours of wellness indulgence.

The integration of a wellness area has been thoroughly thought from the very beginning of the designing process of the house. This way the sauna and the steam room integrate perfectly into the room and they even determine the room style. The wall in hemlock slats continues from the sauna and the benches, walls and ceiling are furnished in the same sort of finish. This gives a special touch to the the sauna and it can be beautifully admired through the glass front and glass sidewall of the sauna. The sauna oven is concealed under the sauna bench so that nothing interferes with the purity of the wooden lines. The design is beautifully highlighted by the indirect lighting and some decorative LED strips.

The ‘Zen’ mosaic tiles by Ezarri ensure an eponymous atmosphere in the steam room. The walls, the benches and the floor are completely finished in this mosaic tiles. They grey-beige colour matches the colour of ‘Tortora’ decorative epoxy on the barrel vaulted ceiling. The indirect LED lighting and the glass door create an open spacious room. This project was crowned with a golden medal in the category ‘wellness@home’ at the competition of the Belgian swimming pool, pond and wellness builders 2019/2020.

Features in:
Sauna Steam Room Custom Made Option
Residential wellness, Belsele (BE)
Chaleur sauna
  • 275 cm W x 200 cm D x 250cm H
  • Inside and outside finish in hemlock slats 2.5x3cm varnished in black
  • Open benches without skirting in hemlock slats
  • Warm white LED lighting under the benches and vertically in the sidewall
  • Glazed front and corner sidewall in toughened glass
  • Speakers set
  • 12 kW sauna oven concealed in the bench
Features in:
Sauna Custom Made Option Nieuws: Maatwerk
Chaleur sauna
Chaleur steam room
Residential wellness, Belsele (BE)
Chaleur steam room
  • 250 cm W x 175 cm D x 260 cm H
  • Walls and benches in EPS, finished with mosaic tiles Zen Ezarri
  • Barrel vaulted ceiling in EPS finsihed decorative epoxy Tortora
  • Warm white LED lighting under the bench, sidewall ceiling and starry sky
  • Kneipp hose and speakers set
  • Alpha luxe door in aluminium frame 77 x 235 cm, RAL 9006
  • 9,5 kW steam generator with fragrance pump
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Steam Room Custom Made Option Nieuws: Maatwerk