private sauna, Wuhan (CN)

Private sauna, Wuhan <strong>(CN)</strong>
Private sauna, Wuhan (CN)

Two-in-one. With the Chaleur combi sauna from Alpha Wellness Sensations, you have a compact wellness area in your own bathroom that combines the sauna, infrared, and salt benefits.

Alpha Wellness Sensations has repeatedly proven that you don't need a lot of space to create a complete wellness experience. This combination of sauna and infrared in the bathroom of a house in Wuhan, China, is a good example of this. The sauna has been given a prominent place in this room, supplemented by a toilet, a single sink, and a corner shower. The sauna and shower are finished in glass so that the space remains free and open.

This spacious sauna has two areas, one with a two-level bench for the sauna session and another with a floating bench for the infrared session. There are 5 full-spectrum heaters, 3 in the sidewall, and one at the beginning and end of the bench. This way, you can enjoy deep warmth lying down or sitting. The indirectly lit salt stone back wall allows you to create the right atmosphere depending on your mood and has a good impact on your respiratory system. The wooden finish from hemlock and ayous offers a warm sauna feeling and perfectly complements the bathroom design.

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Sauna & Infrared Custom Made Option Salt
Private sauna, Wuhan (CN)
Chaleur combi sauna
  • 250cm W x 200cm D x 220cm H
  • Interior finish in hemlock profiles
  • Two-level bench, type “Chaleur” in ayous wood
  • LED strips RGB behind the salt wall
  • 5 full-spectrum infrared heaters
  • Front wall in safety glass with luxury hinges
  • Sauna oven 7.5 kW
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Infrared Bi-O Sauna & Infrared Sauna & Infrared Custom Made Option
Chaleur combi sauna