Panoramic sauna, Hasselt (BE)

Panoramic sauna, Hasselt <strong>(BE) </strong>
Panoramic sauna, Hasselt (BE) 

On the top floor of a house in the outskirts of Hasselt, Alpha Wellness Sensations installed a panoramic sauna that was awarded a silver medal in the Belgian Swimming Pool, Wellness and Swimming Pond Builder competition 2020/2021.

The most ingenious projects can be done in the simplest places. A small protruding flat roof became the foundation for a sauna, which, with its glass front wall, provides a panoramic view of the surroundings. With a size of 3.25 x 2.15 m and a depth of 2.5 m, the sauna is certainly not the largest. But with the view, that offers a spacious feeling, this is more than compensated. From the room on the top floor, you step into the sauna … outside on the roof!

The interior of the sauna was completely done in ayous wood with extra wide profiles and rounded benches. The second glass side wall has fine louvers to maintain privacy and cosiness. Two sauna ovens were placed in the rear wall. For optimal support of the airways, the owners opted for a salt evaporator. In addition, it ends with a set of sauna, speakers, and indirect lighting with adjustable LED. The sky really is the limit!

Features in:
Sauna Custom Made Option Outdoor
Panoramic sauna, Hasselt (BE) 
Sauna Chaleur
  • 325cm W x 215cm D x 250cm H
  • Interior finish in extra wide ayous profiles
  • Benches and backrest in ayous with rounded noses
  • RGB LED lighting beneath the benches and behind the backrests
  • Glass door in safety glass
  • Loudspeakers and sauna set
  • Salt evaporator 0.5L/hour
  • Sauna oven 2 x Alpha Backwall 10.5 Kw
Features in:
Sauna Custom Made Option
Sauna Chaleur