Outdoor Chaleur Combi Sauna, Genk (BE)

Outdoor Chaleur Combi Sauna, Genk <strong>(BE)</strong>
Outdoor Chaleur Combi Sauna, Genk (BE)

A beautiful minimalistic bespoke solution for this outdoor sauna!  There is a pool house installed adjacent to the sleek swimming pool, where the same materials were used as for the house. Alpha Wellness Sensations had this replicated in the sauna

A sauna with an outdoor shower were ingeniously added to the pool house.  The glass front and side walls are fit into a frame that matches the frame of the windows of the house. This ensures a beautiful unit, even if the pool house is more modern than the house. The limited space was optimally used by installing a sliding lower bench. This way the sauna does not look filled to the top and you still have the possibility to sit comfortably. The inside finish of the sauna is in chenchen veneered boards and matches beautifully the wooden front wall of the pool house.  Chenchen or antiaris is also called white mahogany because of its luxurious aspect.  The benches are made of aspen wood.

The sauna oven is safely concealed behind a partitioning wall. There are two infrared heaters placed on the sidewall so that you can choose between a Finnish sauna, an infrared session or a combination of these two in the same sauna. The backrests are shaped in such a way that the infrared rays can reach every vertebra. The LED lighting includes a starry sky in the ceiling and strips behind the backrests for the right atmosphere. The sauna can be completely operated from the inside. You can cool down in the integrated outdoor shower. A glass wall was supplied here also. The view of the garden and the pool is the icing on the cake! This project was crowned with a golden medal by the competition of the Belgian swimming pool, pond and wellness builders in 2017.

Features in:
Poolhouse Sauna & Infrared Custom Made Option Outdoor
Outdoor Chaleur Combi Sauna, Genk (BE)
Chaleur Combi sauna
  • 215 cm W x 160 cm D x 240 cm H 
  • Inside finish in chenchen veneered boards
  • Benches and backrests in aspen slats
  • 2 full-spectrum infrared heaters
  • LED RGB lighting as starry sky in the ceilign and strips behind the backrests
  • Full glass front and partitioning wall in toughened glass 
  • Glass enclosure for the shower in toughened glass
  • 12 kW sauna oven 12 kW behind the partitioning wall
Features in:
Sauna & Infrared Custom Made Option Outdoor
Chaleur Combi sauna