Mirage sauna, Keerbergen (BE)

Mirage sauna, Keerbergen <strong>(BE)</strong>
Mirage sauna, Keerbergen (BE)

This project features an extraordinary sauna that transcends the conventional boundaries of sauna design. For this, Alpha Wellness Sensations received the gold medal in the Belgian Swimming Pool, Wellness, and Swimming Pond Builders 2023/2024 competition.

'GRENSVERLEGGEND DESIGN' is the title of the article on the zwembadenplus.be website where the project was awarded best in the 'sauna' category. The above-mentioned competition annually evaluates various swimming pools, swimming ponds, and wellness projects based on their technology, design, and implementation. In this edition, Alpha Wellness Sensations was able to add no fewer than 2 gold medals to its list of achievements, including this sauna that fits seamlessly with a residence in Keerbergen. The sauna was added against the side wall, adjacent to the terrace and overlooking the swimming pond. What a wonderful place to relax! The thatched roof and rough bricks provide an authentic, luxurious appearance.

Thanks to the glass front wall, the striking back wall, constructed from beautiful 3D pieces of ayous wood, immediately attracts attention. This wall comes to life thanks to a spectacle of colors from the indirect RGB LED lighting. As internal cladding, panels of 'funghi veneer' were chosen, a material made using fungi or mushrooms, resulting in a durable veneer-like finish. In addition, four designer handrails made of ayous wood have been placed along the side walls. The panoramic window is made of double safety glass and overlooks the beautiful garden. The sauna is located close to the plant zone of the swimming pond, so you are enveloped in a green oasis. Furthermore, this versatile sauna can be used as a Finnish sauna, bio sauna, and even as a salt cave thanks to the professional ultrasonic salt evaporator.

Features in:
Bi-O Sauna Custom Made Option
Mirage sauna, Keerbergen (BE)
Sauna Mirage
  • 190cm W x 250cm D x 220cm H
  • Interior finishing in Rohol Funghi
  • Back wall and side wall backrests type 3D Mirage made of ayous
  • Benches type Mirage from Ayous
  • Indirect LED lighting RGB in the backrest and the noses of the benches
  • Glass door made of safety glass
  • Glass wall made of double safety glass
  • Ultrasonic salt nebulizer Solfog
  • Oven Alpha Pro Bio 11 kW
Features in:
Sauna Bi-O Sauna Custom Made Option
Sauna Mirage