Fuxing Royale Housing, Shanghai (CN)

Fuxing Royale Housing, Shanghai <strong>(CN)</strong>
Fuxing Royale Housing, Shanghai (CN)

Fancy the lifestyle one has when living in a city like Shanghai ... The small fishing village (Shang= above; Hai= sea) grew into the biggest port in the world and the biggest city of China. There are more than 20 million people living here and life in the metropole is in great luxury for a few of them.


The neighbourhood with high-end apartments that was earlier an attribute for ultimate luxury has now become the hub of young professionals in Shanghai. However, they also do not want to give up luxury. Solution? A wellness centre in the apartments building with access exclusively for the residents. Alpha Wellness Sensations furnished a wellness centre for the Fuxing Royal-residence in the heart of the city. Even residents have to make an appointment in order to enjoy the wellness centre. This way the tranquillity and privacy are respected. For a place in a building like this, you have to pay about 16.000 euro per m2. So a small apartment of 100 m2 would cost you more than 1,5 million euro. Moreover, just think that the majority of the apartments have more than 200m2! So several hours spent at ease in the wellness area are not a superfluous luxury.  

Alpha Wellness Sensations have supplied two saunas and a steam room for the wellness area. Exceptional details such as indirect LED lighting behind the salt stones and the wavy effect of the benches give the saunas an exclusive touch. The steam room is beautifully and masterly finished with mosaics.  All the technical specifications are complying with the regulations and all the rooms are equipped with the latest gadgets in terms of accessories. The residents will want for nothing more in the end of their hectic working days but enjoy the wellness facilities.  

Features in:
Sauna Hammam Salt Custom Made Option
Fuxing Royale Housing, Shanghai (CN)
Chaleur Pro Sauna
  • 300 cm W x 145 cm D x 220cm H
  • Inside finish in red cedar wooden profiles
  • Benches and backrests in ayous timber model Chaleur Pro
  • Sidewall in rough salt bricks with indirect LED RGB lighting       
  • Door in toughened glass 80 x 185 cm
  • Speakers set and panic button
  • 5 kW sauna oven behind the benches
Features in:
Sauna Custom Made Option
Chaleur Pro Sauna
Chaleur Pro Steam Room
Fuxing Royale Housing, Shanghai (CN)
Chaleur Pro Steam Room
  • 260 cm W x 145 cm D x 220 cm H
  • Walls, benches in EPS finished with Ezarri mosaic tiles
  • Barrel vaulted ceiling in EPS finished with epoxy
  • LED RGB spots in the ceiling
  • Kneipp hose, speakers set and panic button
  • Fresh air inlet through the steam outlet
  • Alpha door in aluminium frame 80 x 185 cm
  • 6 kW steam generator with fragrance pump
Features in:
Hammam Custom Made Option