Chaleur outdoor sauna, Eischen (LU)

Chaleur outdoor sauna, Eischen <strong>(LU)</strong>
Chaleur outdoor sauna, Eischen (LU)

In addition to a house in shades of gray with sleek architecture in Luxembourg, the terrace with lounge area was further upgraded by Alpha Wellness Sensations with a sauna and spa.

An outside corner was created on the small terrace of this house with a roof and a sauna room. The slatted roof covers the section which accommodates the large Disclosure XL hot tub. This spa has massage jets for 5 people and was finished on the outside with a dark gray anthracite color. The acrylic inside remained white like the color of the roof slats.

The Chaleur Outdoor sauna is finished with black-grey stone veneer on the outside. In this way, it perfectly combines with a roof. The inside of the room immediately feels warm due to the use of cedar wood. The dressing room has a bench with a full-spectrum infrared heater. The sauna itself has 2 Duo infrared heaters with dimmer. The benches of the sauna are made of ayous wood, just like the cover of the sauna oven. Two long horizontal windows were placed for a pleasant incidence of natural light without compromising privacy. An outdoor shower was provided to cool off after the sweat session. A moment of rest on the gray lounge set of the terrace completes the place.

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Sauna & Infrared Custom Made Option Outdoor SPA
Chaleur outdoor sauna, Eischen (LU)
Disclosure XL spa
  • 233cm W x 233cm D x 91cm H
  • Exterior finish in Graphite Woodermax
  • Acrylic color white
  • 5 places
  • LED lighting RGB
  • 6kW
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Outdoor SPA
Disclosure XL spa
Chaleur Outdoor sauna
Chaleur outdoor sauna, Eischen (LU)
Chaleur Outdoor sauna
  • 300cm W x 200cm D x 270cm H
  • Exterior finish in stone boards Slate-Lite “Negro”
  • Interior finish in cedar profiles
  • Benches type “Chaleur” in ayous
  • Backrest with indirect RGB LED lighting
  • 2 Duo infrared heaters x 350 watts with dimmer
  • Dressing room with full spectrum heater x 350 watts with dimmer
  • Windows and door in aluminum frame with double safety glass
  • Sauna lamp
  • Sauna oven 15 kW
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Sauna Custom Made Option Outdoor