Chaleur outdoor, Profondeville

Chaleur Outdoor, Profondeville<strong> (BE)</strong>
Chaleur Outdoor, Profondeville (BE)

Alpha Wellness Sensations has made this Chaleur Outdoor completely adopted for the customer's terrace.

The sauna unit is displayed on the terrace of the house in Profondeville to let you enjoy its wonderful warmth. A covered dressing area was provided to hang or put away bathrobes, clothing, and other necessities. Once inside, you have a beautiful view through the window and the glass door. The door was placed at an angle so that the resulting pentagonal shape leaves a spacious passageway on the terrace. The window and door are framed in aluminum, and the exterior finish is made of thermo ayous wood.

Inside we see the lighter ayous wood returning for the benches, the backrests, and the frame of the oven. The ceiling and side walls are covered with cedar profiles. On the long side, two infrared heaters are built in at the height of the back. Here the bench has two levels so that you can place your feet comfortably while sitting. On the short side, there is another bench on the high level, so you can also stretch out with three people. Both a classic sauna lamp and indirect LED lighting were provided. Together with the Bluetooth speaker, you immediately find yourself in the right atmosphere. In winter and summer, this outdoor sauna is a wonderful place to relax!

Features in:
Sauna Custom Made Option Outdoor Sauna & Infrared
Chaleur Outdoor, Profondeville (BE)
Chaleur Outdoor
  • 300cm W x 220cm D x 235cm H
  • Exterior finish in thermo ayous profiles
  • Interior finish in cedar profiles
  • Benches type “Chaleur” in ayous wood
  • Aluminum door and window with double glazing
  • Open dressing area with hangers
  • LED strips in the noses of the benches and starry sky
  • 2 full spectrum quartz infrared heaters with dimmer
  • Sauna lamp, sauna set, Bluetooth speaker
  • Sauna oven Alpha Heat 9 kW
Features in:
Custom Made Option Outdoor Sauna & Infrared Sauna
Chaleur Outdoor