Chaleur Lounge, Antwerpen (BE)

Chaleur Lounge, Antwerpen <strong>(BE)</strong>
Chaleur Lounge, Antwerpen (BE)

Under the motto 'everyone has his own choice', a custom-made infrared cabin was delivered by Alpha Wellness Sensations with 2 different benches. A technical tour de force with a futuristic look.

One likes to lie stretched out, the other likes to sit upright. Some people like it sleek and angular, others prefer curves. One wants moderate heat, the other intense heat. People are simply not the same. Good thing, too! At least this way, unique designs are created. Alpha Wellness Sensations designed this special Chaleur Lounge for a family from Antwerp. The infrared cabin is equipped with no fewer than 10 full spectrum radiators, divided over two different benches and operated by three separate controls. This way everything can be perfectly tailored to the needs of the moment and each user.

On one side, you lie down on the undulating ergonomic bench with specifically shaped backrests. The extendable footrests make it extra comfortable. On the other side, you sit upright, or you can lie completely flat. On both sides, the wall is finished with rough salt stones that are indirectly illuminated. RGB strips have also been incorporated into the ceiling for matching mood lighting. Side and front radiators complete the heating experience. Add your favorite music via the speakers, so you can enjoy it together, everyone from their favorite place.

Features in:
Infrared Lounge Custom Made Option
Chaleur Lounge, Antwerpen (BE)
Chaleur Lounge Infrared
  • 260cm W x 145cm D x 240cm H
  • The back wall and front wall in hemlock profiles
  • Side walls with salt stones and indirect LED RGB lighting 
  • One ergonomic bench in solid ayous
  • One bench type Intense in ayous profiles
  • 10 full spectrum infrared heaters, 2 of which are in the ergonomic benches
  • LED RGB lighting indirect in the ceiling
  • Safety glass door
  • Speakers
  • Sliding footrests
Features in:
Infrared Lounge Custom Made
Chaleur Lounge Infrared