Chaleur combi sauna, Zonhoven (BE)

Chaleur combi sauna, Zonhoven<strong> (BE)</strong>
Chaleur combi sauna, Zonhoven (BE)

White and black, sleek and warm - opposites create a successful end result for this custom-made combi sauna.

The private pool house in Zonhoven is the basis of beautiful home wellness with a garden view. Behind a large window, a sauna with a salt wall and infrared heaters is hidden next to a modern relaxation room. The sleek architecture of the building is continued in the design of the sauna. Here the lines of wide wood profiles, square illuminated salt tiles, and rectangular full spectrum back heaters -play the leading role. The use of dark thermally treated ayous wood as an interior finish, combined with the pale solid ayous wood for the benches, creates a warm ambiance.

Ambient lighting is provided by the indirect lighting behind the salt stones, the LED strip in the nose of the top bench, and the starry sky set in the ceiling. These can all be customized in a colour of your choice. Music is played through the built-in speaker set. In order to keep the glass facade and thus the view of the garden completely unobstructed, the sauna oven was built into the back wall. This also allows for maintaining the minimalist design. Through the high glass door, you reach the resting area where the same feeling of spaciousness allows you to forget for a while about everyday stress.

Features in:
Salt Sauna & Infrared Custom Made Option
Chaleur combi sauna, Zonhoven (BE)
Custom-made Chaleur combi sauna
  • 230cm W x 210cm D x 275cm H
  • Interior finish in thermo ayous profiles 250mm
  • Benches in extra wide solid ayous wood
  • Back wall in salt stones with indirect LED lighting
  • LED lighting RGB in the nose of the top bench; starry sky set
  • 3 full spectrum infrared heaters 350 watts
  • The glass door in safety glass of 260cm in height
  • Speaker set
  • Rear wall oven 12 kW
Features in:
Sauna & Infrared Custom Made Option Salt
Custom-made Chaleur combi sauna