Bathroom Spa, Diest (BE)

Bathroom Spa, Diest <strong>(BE)</strong>
Bathroom Spa, Diest (BE)

That you need a lot of space for wellness at home is absolutely not true. Alpha Wellness Sensations proves this with this clever integration of an infrared cabin into a private home bathroom.

In this bathroom, space was provided beside the sink on one side for a beautiful shower, on the other side for a double infrared cabin. Despite the limited surface, you have a spacious and open spot due to the clever use of glass as walls. The ergonomic bench has two full spectrum infrared heaters that are finished with leather so that you have a wonderful, soft, and comfortable place to sit. Headrests, a foot stool, and a reading lamp are provided, so you have all the facilities to enjoy the infrared heat for a longer period of time. Heat is added from both the side and front through the additional heaters. The cabin is also attractively lit with LED strips around the ceiling. Easy operation through the Alpha Adaptive Smart Control system allows you to adjust the heat to your individual preferences. Don't worry about Belgian rainy days, when you have such a wonderful place to stay and relax!

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Infrared Lounge Custom Made Option