Amare Spa, Beervelde (BE)

Amare Spa, Beervelde <strong>(BE)</strong>
Amare Spa, Beervelde (BE)

Amaré Wellness invites customers for an invigorating private sauna session, with or without an overnight stay, to have a relaxing weekend. Alpha Wellness Sensations provided various facilities: a Chaleur sauna, a steam room, and a cold room.

The new private spa recently opened near Lokeren: Amaré Wellness. The first eye-catcher here is the sauna with a 3D back wall. The acclaimed Chaleur model was custom-made with an interior finish entirely in ayous wood. The back wall and front sides of the benches provide a unique effect thanks to the 3D processing. The LED strips behind the benches and the ones in the ceiling make this even more noticeable. Atmosphere and conviviality are at their best with the starry sky, the aroma dosing system, and the speakers for the ideal soundtrack. Safety first with the glass front wall made of safety glass.

The second eye-catcher is the Chaleur steam room. Light colors, which blend beautifully with the pale tiles of the room, play the main tone. The oblique patterned tiles alternate with the mosaic tiles that cover the benches and the recess in the wall. The curved ceiling contains several LED spotlights that work together with the LED strips under the benches and with the ones in the recess in the walls. We also see the same LED lighting niche in the steam room shower.

Last but not least, we will cool off in the cold room! The room has a cave effect, which is emphasized by the cement stone design that covers the insides of the cold room. A few spots of light twinkle between the cracks. And if the air cooling system does not cool you down enough, you can go to the ice machine that produces 3 kg of ice per hour.



Features in:
Sauna Steam Room Ice Custom Made Option
Amare Spa, Beervelde (BE)
Cold Room
  • 200cm W x 200cm D x 220cm H
  • Walls and ceiling in EPS
  • Interior finish in cement stone design
  • Starry sky LEDs RGB
  • Safety glass door
  • Air cooling system 4.5 kW
  • Ice machine 3kg/hour
Features in:
Ice Custom Made Option
Cold Room
Chaleur Pro Sauna
Amare Spa, Beervelde (BE)
Chaleur Pro Sauna
  • 250cm W x 250cm D x 220cm H
  • Interior finishing in ayous profiles
  • 3D back wall in ayous
  • Benches type Wave in ayous
  • RGB LED indirect lighting behind the bench, in the ceiling, and for the starry sky 
  • Front wall made of safety glass
  • Aroma dosing system Alpha
  • Speaker set and emergency stop button 
  • Oven 11 kW
Features in:
Sauna Custom Made Option
Amare Spa, Beervelde (BE)
Chaleur Pro steam room
  • 190cm W x 155cm D x 220cm H
  • Walls and benches in EPS and finished with mosaic type Ezarri Carrara
  • Curved ceiling in EPS finished with epoxy
  • RGB LED lighting in the nose of the bench, indirect light in the wall niche and spotlights in the ceiling
  • Cooling hose, speaker set and emergency stop button
  • Fresh air intake via steam outlet
  • Safety glass door type Alpha lux
  • Steam generator 6 kW with aroma pump
Features in:
Steam Room Custom Made Option
Chaleur Pro steam room