Sport Club Les Pyramides, Paris (FR)

Sport Club Les Pyramides, Paris <strong>(FR)</strong>
Sport Club Les Pyramides, Paris (FR)

Alpha Wellness Sensations supplied two identical saunas and two identical steam rooms for the male and female areas of the prestigious club ‘Les Pyramides’ along the Seine in the outskirts of Paris.   

This exclusive club is accessible only to the members and offers exceptional relaxation possibilities. As regards the sport activities, there are plenty of group lessons to follow (only some twenty different ones per day!) besides the conventional fitness. You can choose tennis, paddle, squash, golf or football. Nevertheless, even the brain can be trained during chess and bridge tournaments. The wellness area comprises a large indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a sauna, a steam room and a whole range of beauty and health treatments.
The entire club radiates authenticity and elegance and this is also in the case of the sauna and the steam room. The interior and exterior of the saunas are supplied in wide hemlock profiles. The inside benches are in ayous timber and treated with a special sauna wax. There are salt stones strips with indirect lighting above the ovens installed behind a partitioning wall. The sauna is a traditional dry one with temperature up to 100 °C to relieve tension, remove toxins and stimulate muscle recovery. It is ideal after an intensive sport session.
The marble finish of the steam room radiates both luxury and serenity. The spots in the ceiling and the LED strips beneath the benches are the perfect lighting features. The steam room generates a soft and moist heat with 45 °C and eucalyptus essence. The hammam ritual is an oasis of calmness. There is nothing the members of this exclusive club may miss when they start their relaxation journey here!

Features in:
Sauna Steam Room Custom Made Option
Sport Club Les Pyramides, Paris (FR)
Chaleur Pro steam room
  • 370 cm W x 315 cm D x 240 cm H
  • Walls, ceiling and benches in EPS finished with marble
  • RGB LED lighting beneath the benches and spots in the ceiling
  • 2 Kneipp hoses, speakers set and panic button
  • Fresh air inlet through the steam outlet
  • Alpha Luxe door in aluminium frame 80 x 205 cm
  • Steam generator 12.5 kW with fragrance pump
Features in:
Steam Room Custom Made Option Standard
 Chaleur Pro steam room
 Chaleur Pro sauna
Sport Club Les Pyramides, Paris (FR)
Chaleur Pro sauna
  • 295 cm W x 400 cm D x 230cm H
  • Outside finish in wide hemlock profiles with a seat in treated ayous wood
  • Inside finish in wide hemlock
  • 70cm wide benches in ayous wood treated with sauna wax
  • Warm white LED lighting beneath the benches and behind the backrests
  • Back wall above the ovens with salt stones and indirect LED lighting
  • Alpha Luxe door in aluminium frame 80 x 205 cm and accompanying window
  • Speakers set and panic button
  • 2 sauna ovens 9 kW behind the partitioning wall
Features in:
Sauna Custom Made Option