Salome Spa, Valenciennes (FR)

Salome Spa, Valenciennes<strong> (FR)</strong>
Salome Spa, Valenciennes (FR)

In the beauty salon Salomé, customers can also enjoy private wellness. Alpha Wellness Sensations designed a suitable sauna and steam room for this.

Body care perfectly combines with the beneficial and cleansing effects of steam and heat. That is why this institution in Valenciennes wanted to expand with a wellness area. The sauna and steam bath were chosen from the Chaleur Pro line, which was adapted to the space available and finished as desired. The wellness area is directly connected with the treatment rooms of the institute so that the relaxation can continue without interruption.

The sauna has a back wall made of rough salt stones. The beneficial effect of this on the respiratory tract is further enhanced by the use of the Sol-fog salt evaporator. Side walls and ceiling are made of hemlock profiles. The two-level bench is made of ayous wood. The alternation of narrow and wider slats is reflected in the backrest and in the vertical closure of the benches. Also in the steam room, there is a game of big and small. The ceiling, floor, and benches are covered with mosaic tiles, while the side walls have large tiles. The mosaic has a gray shade that connects with the dark gray of the large tiles. This is nicely illuminated by the indirect lighting beneath the bench and the subtle spotlights in the ceiling.

Features in:
Sauna Steam Room Salt Custom Made Option
Salome Spa, Valenciennes (FR)
Sauna Chaleur PRO
  • 240cm W x 210cm D x 220cm H
  • Interior finish in hemlock profiles, 20 x 28 mm
  • Bench in ayous, type “Chaleur Pro”
  • The back wall in rough salt stones 20 x 10 cm
  • Salt evaporator Sol-fog
  • Front wall in safety glass
  • Indirect LED lighting RGB in the ceiling
  • Speaker set, emergency stop, and fresh air supply
  • Sauna oven 9 KW
Features in:
Sauna Custom Made Option
Sauna Chaleur PRO
Steam room Chaleur PRO
Salome Spa, Valenciennes (FR)
Steam room Chaleur PRO
  • 240cm W x 240cm D x 220cm H
  • Walls, roof, and benches in EPS `
  • Benches and floor finished with mosaic tiles
  • Walls finished with large format tiles
  • LED spots RGB in the ceiling and beneath the benches
  • Door type Alpha Luxury 70 x 190 cm
  • Steam generator 7.5 kW with aroma pump
Features in:
Steam Room Custom Made Option