Residential Wellness Bishop’s Avenu, London (UK)

Residential Wellness Cave, London <strong>(UK)</strong>
Residential Wellness Cave, London (UK)

Luxurious property in London. The lucky owners of this property on the Bishop’s Avenue can enjoy as from now their stunning wellness cave with a sauna and a steam room among other facilities.

A house on Bishop's avenue in London always appeals to the imagination. Moreover, if it is owned by an architect, you can expect a dream picture. The ultra-modern wellness cellar, located under the garden, has a rich warm glow. Mirrored walls, well-placed lighting and warm colours create a stylish environment. The mosaic tiles of the steam room, in aqua blue with black checkers, was extended to the adjoining wall with washbasin. The same mosaic tiles have been used in the spa of the swimming pool. The indirect LED lighting makes the colour splendour stand out. The sauna looks light and sleek thanks to the use of narrow ayous slats for the walls, benches and flooring finish. The entire front wall is made of glass. You can already look forward to your relaxing moment in the sauna from the spinning bike :-)

Features in:
Sauna Steam Room Custom Made Option
Residential Wellness Cave, London (UK)
Chaleur Sauna
  • 200 cm W x 200 cm D x 225 cm H
  • Inside finish in ayous slats
  • ‘Luxury’ type benches in ayous slats
  • Warm white LED lighting concealed in the false ceilign and behind the backrests
  • Glazed front wall
  • Roof window and door in toughened glass in aluminium frame
  • 9 kW sauna oven with safety guard 
Features in:
Sauna Custom Made Option
Chaleur Sauna
Residential Wellness Cave, London (UK)
Chaleur Steam Room
  • 155 cm W x 130 cm D x 225 cm H
  • Walls, ceiling and benches in EPS finished with mosaic tiles
  • LED lighting on top of the bench backrest
  • Head shower and hand shower
  • 5 kW steam generator
Features in:
Steam Room Custom Made Option