Private Spa, Heusden-Zolder (BE)

Private Spa, Heusden-Zolder <strong>(BE)</strong>
Private Spa, Heusden-Zolder (BE)

In a sleek modern villa in Heusden-Zolder, Alpha Wellness Sensations designed an equally sleek, modern sauna design. Wellness tailored to the home.

If a certain aspect is pursued in the architecture and interior style of a villa, it is logical that the wellness center tends to the same atmosphere and appearance as the entire building has. That's what we did with this wonderful sauna! The rectangular construction of the sauna combines with the minimalist style of the house. The long glass front wall of the sauna not only offers access with a large sliding door but also creates an amazing visual effect due to the reflection of the pool.

The stones on the outside of the sauna are continued in the sidewalls of the inside. The sleek longitudinal benches continue through the rear wall into the ceiling. The indirect LED lighting under the benches and behind the backrest makes this line stand out beautifully. The use of red cedar adds warmth to the design. A luxurious design in all its purity…

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Sauna Custom Made
Private Spa, Heusden-Zolder (BE)
Chaleur sauna
  • 280cm W x 230cm D x 220cm H
  • Interior finish in wide 28.5 cm red cedar profiles
  • Floating benches and backrest made of 18.5 cm red cedar profiles
  • RGB LED lighting behind the backrests and beneath the benches
  • Front wall in gray safety glass with sliding door system
  • Sauna oven 12 kW
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Sauna Custom Made Option
Chaleur sauna