Panoramic Sauna, Kuringen (BE)

Panoramic sauna, Kuringen <strong>(BE)</strong>
Panoramic sauna, Kuringen (BE)

Enjoy the sauna, infrared heat and private garden at home. Customized wellness experience thanks to Alpha Wellness Sensations!

Instead of adding a veranda to the house, this family from Kuringen opted for an extension with a sauna. And look what a successful result! In addition to the partially covered terrace adjacent to the garden, they can now enjoy a wonderful sauna and/or infrared session. After the sauna, they can go to the terrace lounge for wonderful moments of relaxation. Thus the garden and the outdoors can be savored even more.

The sauna was built lengthwise. The front wall is made of glass on the entire width, along with a small piece of the side wall. This gives a great view of the garden without allowing the neighbors to look in. The entrance door to the sauna, made of dark gray safety glass, is located next to the bench in the back wall and opens directly into the house to go to the shower. The second side wall was clad with smooth salt stones. Thanks to the indirect lighting behind it, it seems as if the sun is shining inside.

In the corner with the back wall, there is a two-level bench, made of thermo-treated solid ayous profiles. Next to it, also placed on the back wall, is an ergonomic infrared bench. This way you have a beautiful view of the garden from every place. The infrared back heater has the well-known wave shape of Alpha Wellness Sensations. The sauna oven is located under the window of the front wall. This is the 16kW Pro version. So you can sweat profusely. ;-)

Features in:
Salt Lounge Sauna & Infrared Custom Made Option
Panoramic sauna, Kuringen (BE)
Custom-made Chaleur sauna
  • 385cm W x 240cm D x 250cm H
  • Interior finish in thermo ayous profiles
  • Side wall in smooth salt stones with indirect RGB LED lighting
  • Sauna benches from solid thermo ayous profiles
  • Lounge bench and full spectrum infrared heater
  • Indirect LED lighting RGB in the backrest
  • Door in dark gray safety glass
  • Sauna oven Alpha Pro 16 kW
Features in:
Sauna Custom Made Option
Custom-made Chaleur sauna