Eclipse, Asten (NL)

Eclipse Asten <strong>(NL) </strong>
Eclipse Asten (NL) 

This corten steel Eclipse sauna shows off in the garden like a work of art. The interior is also worth seeing. This is the well-known outdoor sauna from Alpha Wellness Sensations in a modern version.

The garden where this custom Eclipse found its place is located in Asten, a municipality in the Eindhoven metropolitan area. Who says Asten, says watches. You will find watches cast in Asten in all corners of the world that is why it is also called the bell village of Land van de Peel. A work made of Corten steel is therefore certainly suitable in this region. The tube that forms the sleeve of the sauna is nicely positioned in a corner of the garden, between trees and plants. The rust color of the steel comes into its own between all this green. Moreover, it largely takes away the less pleasant view of a long dark gray wall.

Inside, we first enter the dressing area through a glass door in an aluminum frame. Here a bench was provided with an infrared back heater. Let’s talk about an entry! We also find the control unit and the coat racks here. Through a second glass door, we enter the tunnel sauna that lights up at the back via indirect LED lighting in the salt wall. The length of the sauna is also accentuated by the lighting behind the backrests. The benches have a different level on each side, so you can choose how high you want to lie. Narrow cedar profiles form both the lying area and the rounded walls that are also the ceiling. This design, which can be endlessly adapted to the wishes of the customer, remains a bull's eye.

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Sauna Custom Made Option
Eclipse Asten (NL) 
Custom made Eclipse Outdoor
  • 250cm W x 460cm D x 230cm H
  • Exterior finish in Corten steel
  • Interior finish in cedar profiles
  • Benches type “Luxury”
  • Aluminum door frame and window with double glazing
  • Dressing area with bench, coat racks, and 1 full spectrum infrared quartz heater with dimmer function
  • Salt wall with indirect LED lighting
  • Sauna oven 12 kW
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Custom made Eclipse Outdoor