Col 38 Kluisbergen, (BE)

Col 38 Kluisbergen <strong>(BE)</strong>
Col 38 Kluisbergen (BE)

The holiday house Col 38 is located in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes, more specifically in the well-known municipality of Kluisbergen. To give their guests, mostly cyclists and hikers, a blissful moment of relaxation, Col 38 had installed a spacious sauna by Alpha Wellness Sensations. . The bespoke sauna is very impressive due to its exterior finish in Cor-ten steel.

The Cor-ten steel tube around the Eclipse sauna by Alpha Wellness Sensations creates the impression of an architectural masterpiece in the garden of Col 38. The Cor-ten steel is a weathering steel that has a typical rusty brown colour. The metal alloy includes iron to which copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chromium has been added, and is also known under the brand name COR-TEN steel. The name explains the properties of this alloy steel type. COR (Corrossion Resistant) indicates that the very dense oxide skin shields the deeper material from oxygen, greatly slowing down oxidation. TEN (tensile strength) indicates a strength of approximately 355 N / mm². This material is therefore often used for solid constructions and in architecture. But this is also a popular material for artists because of its typical external features.

The large sauna can host 8 persons. There is heated dress room with clothes hangers and benches the back wall is coated with rough salt stones, which is excellent for the airways. The attractive LED lighting and the background music, the pleasant heat and the beautiful view ensure and ideal sauna session. The guests of Col 38 can end their sport day with a complete relaxation. What is more to wish after completing many kilometers of cycling and hiking? 

Features in:
Sauna Salt Custom Made Option Outdoor
Col 38 Kluisbergen (BE)
Eclipse Sauna
  • 250 cm W x 380 cm D x 230cm H
  • Inside finish in cedar wooden profiles
  • Outside finish in COR-TEN-steel
  • Benches and backrests in cedar
  • Back wall in rough salt stones 20 x 20 cm
  • LED RGB lighting beneath the benches, behind the backrests and spots in the ceiling
  • Heated dress room with benches and clothes hangers
  • Speakers set and panic button
  • Sauna oven 11 kW
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Sauna Custom Made Option Outdoor Nieuws: Maatwerk
Eclipse Sauna