Chaleur PRO sauna Schiffilange (L)

Chaleur PRO sauna, Schiffilange <strong>(L)</strong>
Chaleur PRO sauna, Schiffilange (L)

Affordable and rock-solid commercial sauna type 'Chaleur'

We have replaced an existing sauna with a commercial Chaleur Pro by Alpha Wellness Sensations in this project. The client's assignment was to build a solid sauna without too many frills. Our goal was to build a commercial sauna without using expensive materials. We chose to work with hemlock, a fine type of wood that can withstand long-term exposure to the heat in the sauna. Hemlock is also a timber that can be perfectly used as sauna benches, walls and ceilings cladding, and besides is better value than cedar wood. We supplied a 22 kW Alpha Pro sauna oven. This oven is perfect for commercial saunas oven, it has a robust housing in combination with reliable coils. Additionally, these coils can be easily and cheaply replaced after several years of intensive use. Quartz stones were laid above and behind this Alpha Heat Pro sauna oven, so the back wall is protected from the heat. So wood aging and discoloration are minimized. These stone strips are also an excellent solution against fire hazards. The sauna lamps are also simple but reliable. Temperatures of up to 300 °C are no problem for these sauna lamps. Furthermore, this commercial sauna was equipped with floating benches. These sauna benches provide excellent user comfort and are super handy for cleaning the sauna floor

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Sauna Custom Made Option
Chaleur PRO sauna, Schiffilange (L)


  • 360 cm W x 355 cm D x 230 cm H
  • Inside and outside finish in hemlock wooden panles 18mm thick
  • Chaleur Pro bench type arranged in 3 levels, supplied in 28 mm hemlock slats
  • Sauna oven Alpha Pro 22 kW
  • Wall behind the oven covered with quartz stone strips
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Sauna Custom Made Nieuws: Maatwerk Option