Wellness & Spa Innovation Award is a project of the German Wellness Association that honors the innovative power in the wellness and spa sector. Wellness and spa innovations must impress with long-term effects on health and well-being. This industry is rich in innovative potential, which is why Wellness & Spa Innovation presents the best new concepts and solutions that will guide you and your customers to a better future.

The Chaleur Lounge ELT is a one-person lounge cabin that combines the benefits of ETL technology and infrared heat during a 20 minutes session. ELT is an innovative form of color therapy that penetrates deeply into the skin and prevents face skin aging in a natural way.  The skin becomes visibly firmer and wrinkles disappear. Medical Active International has recognized the positive effects of ETL in 2018. The ETL & IR Lounge is the ideal addition to beauty salons and solarium centers, but it is also a fantastic plus for public wellness complexes.